As as the saying goes, you have your whole life to make your first album because for many, it is a complete work of art, before the labels come knocking but reverse is the case here. Bracket’s sophomore album, Least Expected, is better than their debut. The album shows tremendous growth and a distinct air of maturity. It is  literally a perfect example of a teenager becoming a man.

These guys really want to do music. The departure of Bishop from the group didn’t discouraged  the remaining two, Smash and Vent, from continuing with the dream their heart is iclined to, music. Using a vast array of notable producers; J-Martins, Dekunzy and Phino. They opted to rest the lyrical offerings on their own shoulders. They kept collaborations at the minimum to show their competence and established their popularity. On a second thought, they have P-Square and J-Martins on the album as a security blanket; both names will of course attract attention from different sectors of the society.  An underground female singer, Storm Rex, also featured in a track.

The album exemplifies the importance of their  presence in R&B/Soul today. With ‘Least Expected’, you definitely feel that they are here for the long haul. The album might not actually flow from start to finish with two or three trackss  not touching the right cord, but with the concrete musical formation, their dulcet tone and tales of love, belonging and happiness, it is easy to understand that they will go far.

The full album comes at an interesting point in their career that allow  fans to have access to their CD. The lead off single, Yori Yori, secured crazy radio spins and the video remains in constant rotation on different TV stations till date. It made them popular among the ladies. Another very interesting track on the album that makes you appreciate it more is a track titled Ada Owerri featuring J-Martins. It is a blend of highlife and hip-hop music, and their versatility is intact. J-Martins sure shows his vocal and production prowess here. This song will definitely cut across in no time.

Another track on the album, No Time, features P-Square. It was more like a singing contest  between between the two groups.  The content of the album is pretty much love/lust orientated and the realities of life. Tracks like Maronumo, No Time, Leaders of Tomorrow  and  Gossips discusses the realities of life while others duel on love. All My People is a fast tempo with the intention to get people on the dance floor.  Even if there are a handful of tracks that should’ve been shaved off, there’s nothing outright bad on Least Expected  album and a lot that’s good. It  probably might not be a standout in the overall catalogue of music albums  but it’s a solid one  nonetheless. With nine tracks and less than an hour of total running time, Least Expected is a good one a from the two lovely

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