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Popular Nollywood filmmaker cum critic, Charles Novia, has taken to social media to share his views on Tayo Faniran’s acting skills following his role in popular soap series, Tinsel.

Charles Novia took to Twitter to criticize Tayo Faniran describing him as the worst actor on Nigerian TV.

Recall Tayo was featured in the series as a temporary replacement for Gbenro Ajibade who is currently way on honeymoon with his heartthrob, Osas Ighodaro.

Read his tweets below.

  1. My award for the worst actor on Nigerian TV presently, would be the ex-BBA housemate, Tayo Faniran who’s standing in for Gbenro in TINSEL.
  2. I have been watching his act on the series and it’s either the casting director lives in Mars or there’s suspended reality there somewhere.
  3. All this ‘fine boy, come act’ crap Producers shove in the faces of viewers have to stop! It’s killing the arty side of a noble profession.
  4. Talent is like a mirror; you can’t fake it. Tayo shouldn’t be on screen as an actor in the first place.Come on! Whose bright idea please?
  5. His projection is zero, articulation like a kid with a toffee stuck in the mouth and visualisation of xter absolutely terrible! Haba!
  6. I know he’s got a lot of fans and all but that’s not helping this case. Either he goes for actin lessons or sticks to presenting that show.
  7. Acting is serious business and not to be trifled with. Reality shows are not to be used as automatic back passes for tepid actors. Yep!
  8. His counterparts before him, ex-reality show ‘stars’, are not much better too. However, Tayo is dovetailing on bad precedents too.
  9. There must be something else the dude can do better and I am sure he can, if they stop lying to him about any acting ambitions. D.O.A.
  10. I rest my case. And my opinion is basically my opinion, though I am sure this one is mostly everyone’s muted opinion too.
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