Multiple award winning fuji cum hip hop act, Pasuma has released the crisp video for his single ‘Quality’ off his recently released pop album, ‘My World’.

Directed by popular video director, HG2 Filmworks, the colourful video subtly tells the grass to grace story of the music act.

Find below the things learnt in the video.

  1. Pasuma’s Theatrics/ Role Interpretation

Kudos to Pasuma for bringing out his A game at every point in the video where he starred as the focal point of the story. His theatrics at some point in the video where devilish-looking beings are about attacking him is another plus in the video. Pardon his English, he is still a better actor compared to some Nollywood faces.

  1. Improved Storytelling

Whoever wrote the script for the video deserves much credit for the vast improvement compared to the visuals released by Pasuma in the past. His past videos are only aided by camera shots and editing with less attention given to the message it aims to pass across. The stand out video released by the artiste so far remains the party themed video of ‘Oruka’ shot by Clarence Peters.

  1. Pasuma can also ride a hover board

The self-acclaimed ‘Oganla’ successfully pulled another stunt after he stepped on a hover board without hitches (remember Mike Tyson broke his back when he tried same).

The crossover star clearly showed his love for technology and his ability to adapt to discoveries of the modern age.

  1. Camera Angles

Lots of credit to the video director, HG2 Filmworks for his creativity and proper understanding of camera angles. His use of creative camera angles also did justice to the interpretation of the video. Who else saw the over-head shot?

  1. DJ Toziq

Relatively known female hitmaker, DJ Toziq is one to watch out for in the industry. The joy of an artist is to find a producer who understands his/her craft and in Toziq, Pasuma has his own D’Tunes or Don Jazzy. It is only a matter of time before their more robust relationship deliver proper hits away from ‘Ogede’, Abo’, ‘Oruka’ and others.

In case you missed it, watch the video again below.

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