Blackface and 2face

Blackface and 2Face, now – 2Baba may not have sat one-on-one to talk about the issue hovering over the two of them, but they have spoken with the media. Both parties have at least made verbal statements relating to the accusation on ground.

It is no news that Blackface posted series of tweets from both his Twitter and Instagram accounts, accusing his former band mate, 2Baba and starboy, Wizkid of intellectual property theft.

In two videos – one by HipTV and the other by Channels TV – that were released two days ago – January 27, 2016, Blackface and 2Baba granted interviews in respect to the matter at hand.

Blackface told HipTV that Nigerian artistes copy songs, the same way various artistes have released covers of Adele’s “Hello.” He also went on to state categorically that 2Baba used to be his friend, but not anymore – “2Face used to be my friend,” he said. Although the released video seems to be inconclusive, I believe the former ‘Plantashun Boy’ would have said more than was released.

On the other hand, 2Baba reacted on the accusation in a chat with Channels TV, acting not to have a clue about what Blackface has been on about. We can’t say his response in this interview was precise, but the African Pop star, maintains that the issue will be resolved amicably.

Personally, I don’t believe any issue has ever been resolved through violence, but it’s okay to express your frustration however you wish. Even at that, I would like to ask – if there was no social media, how would people vent in this day and age? I mean let’s go back to the 80s and 90s – how did people express their displeasure towards others. I guess people waited till they meet at the club or other parties to address their pain… I mean – there are ways to these things. Don’t waste your time ranting on Twitter. Call a lawyer – ditch the online threat.

If you must let the public know, it’s fine, but before you go public, call your offender and at least get the person to know your grievance before sharing it with the public, so that they will have an idea of what to say to the media when they are cornered in the process.

It may seem convenient to say Blackface is just a bitter person, considering the fact that he started the whole Plantashun Boys movement and guided 2Baba during their ‘hungry days,’ but time has happened – it is time for everybody to move on or face reality.

2Baba is a blessed artiste, it doesn’t matter what anybody has to say about him. If life was fair, nobody will refer to the likes of Jazzman Olofin, Paul Play, Azadus, Styl Plus, 9ice, Olu Maintain, Rasqie and the likes as veteran artistes (contextual meaning – old artistes). I mean, how old are these guys? Did their careers start before DJ Jimmy Jatt’s?

I really don’t want to go too deep and derail from the matter at hand. I’m just saying that Blackface may be fighting for a true cause, but his approach is quite clumsy. 2Baba on the other hand needs to reach out to him properly and ask him what he is bitter about and see if it is something they can resolve or address easily.

Did I miss the Wizkid part? I thought Wizzy’s case was with Dammy Krane and the dispute has been resolved.

Finally, Blackface said something about Sound Sultan struggling to write his own songs, but I beg to differ. I can swear that Sound Sultan is one of the best songwriters, creative and wittiest artistes we have in Nigeria today. Questioning his competence will be stupid… it’s just my opinion!

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