Efe Omorogbe

The last few days in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry have been dominated by beefs and series of accusations from different top players in the industry.

The latest form of crisis in the entertainment scene is between veteran singer, Blackface who publicly called out his ‘friend’, 2face Idibia – now 2baba – for copyright theft and back-biting. An enraged Blackface who also accused Wizkid for stealing for him also threatened to sue 2face Idibia.

Few hours ago, 2baba’s management team led by Efe Omorogbe released an official statement addressing the copyright allegations levied against the iconic singer by Blackface.

Blackface and 2face

According to Efe Omorogbe, the response became imperative in order to ‘set the records straight’ following the number of press interviews Blackface has granted since he went public to accuse 2baba.

Find below 10 punchlines from the statement released by Efe Omorogbe.

  1. 2Baba has always given Blackface (Austin Ahmedu) co-writing credit every time he recorded any song that has Blackface’s input – No matter how minimal.
  2. Blackface has earned royalties off his shared publishing rights for about a decade.
  3. A huge chunk of income he has made derives from royalties earned by the commercial exploitation of the successful materials performed/recorded by 2Baba.
  4. Blackface should be honoured to have shared co-writing credit with 2Baba. I am. For each and every song we have collaborated on.
  5. Blackface is not in 2Baba’s league as a songwriter. Their post-Plantashun Boiz’ catalogs speak for themselves.
  6. Blackface should go to court to seek redress if he indeed believes he has a case.
  7. Blackface should know that nobody ever secured a court judgement via a twitter rant or media tour.
  8. Blackface must have realised by now that the unfortunate tirade has not made “Killa” a hit. At least, not at the moment.
  9. Blackface should be grateful 2Baba recorded their co-authored materials to ensure a lifetime of royalty income for him.
  10. Blackface should record and release his own version of “Let Somebody Love You” and keep 100% publishing on that version. Oops! 2Baba will still be entitled to a share.

Lastly, “We grind our way to the results we seek bro. Just HARDwork. No short cuts!”

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