Actress, Bimbo Akintola shared her opinion on the way Nigerian awards are being organized, describing it as unglamorous.

According to her, it could be better. She went further to explain that the ceremonies do not carry Nigerians along.

Read excerpts below:

“It could be better. Honestly, and I am not talking about in terms of the awards itself, I’m talking in terms of the glamour. It could be more,” she started.

“They could be much much more to it. I mean when we watch awards ceremonies everywhere else, there are so important, it is epic. Everybody is dreaming about it, you know it’s a great way to inspire people, because then, people are looking forward to it.”

“I don’t think ours inspires anyone. Do people even watch it on TV? Do they? Because it is not glamorous enough I guess. We don’t make a production of it, and we should. That is what I mean, maybe glamorous is the wrong word. We should make a production of it.


Making reference to the Academy Awards, the actress said,“The Oscars, it’s so important, it is so this, it is so that. We should make ours that important. And AMAA has been around for a while now, so it should have a massive following, because most of these actors you are talking about have massive following. If you are talking about Genevieve, she has a huge following, Omotola has a huge following, people who are passionate about her, and we don’t see that transfer to the award ceremony itself, which is weird.

“In terms of giving the awards to the right people, I think they do that. But, we don’t carry everyone along. We should be able to carry Nigerians along with our award ceremonys. That’s what I see is missing for me.”


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