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daddy freeze

Controversial Cool FM OAP, Daddy Freeze in an interview with Pulse opened up about the recent rumor of him been relieved of his job by Cool FM management

According to Freeze, “You see there’s a point in the conversation that I cannot have for legal reasons, but there was alliance that was broken and Basketmouth took the other side or it appeared to me that he did, and he never gave me  call to say why did you do this or why did you not do this and I felt slightly slighted”.

“I remember when he was driving a Jetta, I was driving Golf. I am talking about 20-year-old cars basically He is an amazing talent I must say and I watched that talent grow from a seed into a forest that it is right now. One thing I am 100% sure is that it had nothing to do with Basketmouth. I don’t know where that came from, like really? And someone called me the other day and was like ‘Did Basketmouth get you fired?’ and I was like ‘you that you are asking me, can Basketmouth get you fired from your own job?’

“Also, I have to give it to him, he was part of my story. He encouraged me when there wasn’t much encouragement. So I hate to hear all the stories that I am hearing about me and him. Unfortunately, if you come after me I will come after you. I am reactive, with him, I am reactive, and with most things too, I am reactive. I am not pro-active but you just know that for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. As long as he keeps…I mean you saw the shade the other day. Like really? But he is my guy, he is a great guy and I love him to death.”

basket x freeze

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