By Adejumo Abdul-Razaq Oluwaseun (


Controversial on air personality, Daddy Freeze has proudly confessed that he is never ever going to be politically correct and is not afraid of being politically incorrect.

Freeze said “I’m never ever going to be politically correct. I am going to try not to be insulting. I came from the two most insulting tribes in the world…What I am going to work on is my diplomacy, not my political correctness. There is no way I am going to sit down and see someone say our president’s wife did not go to the U.S when we have pictures of her going to the U.S and now be politically correct. I will not insult. I will try not to let the Yoruba and Romanian side in me come out. I will tame those things down but the truth is what I am here to speak. Whatever you hear from me is the truth.”

Freeze headlined several news platforms last month from the rumor of him losing his job to the alleged rift between him and Basketmouth.

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