By Adejumo Abdul-Razaq Oluwaseun (


Nollywood actress, Danielle Okeke came really hard at a fan who ignorantly advised her to buy her mum a car instead of making her to trek in Warri saying.

The actress posted a picture of her and her mum on her Instagram page captioned “AM SO BLESSED TO VE YOU AS MY MUMMY.. GOD BLESS YOU MUMMY”.

Minutes later, a fan commented “Chioma go and get her a ride? Stop fooling ur self here biko! I saw her in Warri trekking.” The actress didn’t take that lightly and she replied. “@nekkiz1 u re a fool cos if u know my mum very well u know she has a Toyota jeep I bought 4 her. cum u can talk abt me and say any shit but if u come 2 my mum I will murder you idiot”.

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