By Adejumo Abdul-Razaq Oluwaseun (


Star comedian, Bovi took to his Instagram page to share lessons he learnt from legendary American rapper, 2pac Shakur before and after his demise.

According to Bovi, nowadays people prefer fame and being in the news everyday of their life than impacting or having something to show  while and after their life.

In Bovi’s words, “20 years today! Still relevant!!!! The lessons I learned from Pac both when he was alive and after his life have had a tremendous impact on my methods. But most important of all is I learned that only a mans works can speak for him and keep him relevant! These days, many people focus on having big names! You see them in the news, on the blogs, on tv and everywhere else. Funny thing is, they have so big a PR presence, it dwarfs their work! For some, it’s PR without any body of work to show. And our younger ones are beginning to thinks that’s the right way! Hype is like balloon, it takes a pin to burst one. Work is like sky; if you look up u will see it! @najitedede said something profound. “People admire a beautiful cake but nobody really eats the icing.” I wanna be a cake! Don’t wanna be all ice.





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