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Okiemute Ighorodje who emerged as the just concluded MTN Project Fame Season 9 in a recent interview with SaharaWeekly’s Osho Oluwatosin talks about what she intends to do with her N5 million cash prize as well her experience in the house.

Excerpt below,

Can you take us through your Background?

My name is Okiemute Ighorodje. I’m from Delta State, I’m 25-years old. I grew up in Delta state. I’m the third among four girls in my family. My dad is an Urhobo Man while my mum is a Delta-Igbo woman

How do you intend to spend your money?

Money matter, dem no dey judge am o (laughs). We’ve had really great financial advisers come to the house and i picked one thing from each of them. All of them said one thing which is a very key thing. They said we should leave the money for a while and start thinking of what to do while keeping it away, and generate more funds.

What’s the next step after Project fame?

Ahh, hard work. It doesn’t stop here. Infact, it has just started so it’s hard work, trying my best.

Who were you close to among your colleagues?

I was close to Pere, because I’ve heard about him before then. We auditioned together from port-Harcourt and before then, I’ve been hearing of Pere Davies. We’re musically inclined and as a singer, you get to hear about a particular musician who is equally good and the funny thing is there was a group where we share gospel truth, fact, ideas about God, Pere was there in that group too but the funny thing Is I didn’t even know. I just knew there was a Pere Davies but I wasn’t really looking forward to seeing him because it was just like a ghost communication and we both met at the audition. I didn’t even know he was the one until we got to top 24 and my friend told me he’s there too. I was surprised so we got closer since then.

When was the most challenging moment?

Every moment was challenging because there was never a time we were given songs that we think we know it. Everything was challenging.

Were your parents encouraging when you told them about your intention to go to Project fame?

I didn’t really tell them. I told them on the morning I was coming for auditioning and they both supported me. They know I love music and in my family, they support you in anything you want to do. Nobody pushes you.

Lagos is a hub of entertainment, now that you won, do you see yourself relocating to Lagos?

Let’s look into the future for that.

Was there any time you felt discouraged during the competition?

There was not a time, every moment was encouraging.

Who do you look up to in the entertainment industry?

I look up to my seniors. To me, music is everything I enjoy. I don’t really have a particular person. I just choose from all genres.

Now as the winner of Project Fame season 9, what do you think fame will change about you?

I’m still going to be me, I won’t change. The only thing that will add to it is hard work.


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