Ice Prince’s third studio album “Jos To The World” will be released this October.

The singer announced via social media that his third studio album will be released globally on October 28, 2016.

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Ice Prince has in the past months teased fans on the album, with multiple photos and two video teasers containing tracks from the project. Three singles from the project have also been released – ‘Chike’, ‘Excellency’, ‘Trillions’.

Promo artwork for "Jos To The World" album.

The project will be the first the rapper is releasing under his new record label, Super Cool Cats. His previous full-length projects,“Everybody Loves Ice Prince” (2011) and “Fire Of Zamani” (2013), were both released under Chocolate City, a label he publicly cut ties with in 2016.

The rapper is gunning for a third album, and he is pulling all the stops to get it to fruition. First single ‘Chike’ hit a brick wall after massive rejection. ‘Excellency’, the second single is yet to spark and become a hit. The third one is here, and it has the added benefit of being an A-list affair.

Ice Prince - TrillionsplayIce Prince – Trillions

(Super Cool Cats)

Phyno is drafted in to bring on his star power and fan base the way of Ice Prince. The Eastern rapper is having a swell 2016, after the success of ‘Connect’ and ‘Fada fada’. He joins forces with Ice Prince to amplify a new song.

Trillions’ is pure trap music. Produced by TUC, the new song is defined by a chiming synth, and its drum patterns. Ice Prince vibes on the beat, alternating his cadence to maintain dynamism on the song. He achieves this by dovetailing with chants from Phyno, and a verse which adds to it all.

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