Just a day before his birthday, Drake shared some big news to his fans. The rapper took to Instagram yesterday (October 23) to reveal that he is working on another project to be released in December.

The project is to be titled ‘More Life’ and the Toronto rapper said the project is a “playlist,” and not as a mixtape or official album.


The cover art for his new project features an old photograph of his heavily mustached father, Dennis Graham, looking well-dressed in a bowtie and while puffing on a tobacco pipe and writing with a pen on a piece of paper.

He told Entertainment Weekly that he is off mixtapes and he wants to do a playlist. “I want to give you a collection of songs that become the soundtrack to your life, so this More Life: The Playlist. Like I said, dropping in December. All original music from me.” Drake said

Drake, whose 30th birthday is Monday, also played four new tracks from More Life for fans: Two Birds, One Stone; Sneakin; Wanna Know (Remix) andFake Love.

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