Cornrows braiding popularly known as Ghana weaving amongst African females has been in vogue for years, but now due to the kardashian cornrow craze that swept through the internet, a lot of other female celebrities  are showing their love for this easy and laidback hairstyle that can make your dressing up routine much faster since you don’t need to brush, curl or straighten anything about the hair.

Queen Bey in Lemonade front cover rocking Corn Rows a.k.a Ghana Weaving.


Beautiful Ghana weaving updo.


Queen bey in “Sorry” video


It is made using synthetic or human hair attachment to weave one’s natural hair, and it can be made to different styles and with different colours, so it depends on the wearers choice and design. So ladies gear up in Ghana weaving, for that nearby owambe party that you are going for in this fabulous hair trend that both celebrities and everybody esle is raving about, I mean even Queen bey wore them in her sorry and formation videos.

Easy Ghana braids


Ghana weaving in purple



Beautiful Ghana weaving braids



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