By Pelumi Agboola

Chidinma, the delectable songstress has been missed by fans as one of them recently penned an open letter to her.

Though, the reasons for her absence has been unknown, people are wondering the reason she has failed to release any hit single excluding her few collaborations with some artistes


The Season three winner of MTN Project fame, who is also known as Miss Kedike has some certain peculiarities that her fans miss

  1. Her stunning dress sense: Chidinma is known for always looking gorgeous in anything she wears. In all her music videos, she always slays any attire she wears and also on red carpet events, everyone is always looking out for what Chidinma would be wearing,
  2. Her voice: As we all know, the talented songstress, won the third season of Project Fame and she was known for ability to deliver songs in any genre excellently well. After breaking out into mainstream music, Chdinma’s voice is like the icing on a cake.We all love her voice.
  1. She can rap and rap in Yoruba: Remember her Emi ni Baller song, not only did she rap but she was able to conveniently rap in Yoruba. Geez! You could count the number of Female artists that can do that on your palm. Rapping is one of the things that distinguish her and also make her special.
  2. She is pretty: Did we forget to mention how beautiful Chidinma is? She is undoubtedly one of the prettiest female Nigerian artistes. She also has a lovely smile that can melt hearts made of steel. Remember that scene in ‘Kedike’ video where she was washing clothes with some other girls? She had no makeup on yet she still looked attractive

Chidinma, wherever you are, you are greatly missed by your fans who are expecting a hit single from you in no time.

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