By Evangeline Ovwighotu

Every girl knows how tiring it is to look and dress fabulous all the time and so here are 10 amazing general beauty hacks every tired and lazy girl should know, that will save her lots of money, time and energy. Enjoy!!!

houseold items for beauty hacks

  1. Use cold green tea bags to reduce eyebags.


2. Slick your legs in hair conditioner if you run out of shaving cream, if you run out of shaving cream or if you want to save the money spent on shaving cream to be used elsewhere  i.e to buy that lipstick you’ve been dying to have.


vaseline perfume magic

3. Add Vaseline to your neck, between your breasts, your wrist pulse etc before you spray your perfume to those area for a long lasting fragrance

soak up nails!!

4. Make your painted nails dry faster by dipping your nails into a bowl of water and ice, and thus you’ve averted destroying all the hours you put into painstakingly painting your nails.

spoon makeup hack

5. Use a spoon to make the perfect winged liner, this is for those helpless souls who just cant get the perfect wing when drawing in your winged liner.


6. You can use dip your mascara brush in your liquid eye liner and vice-versa once your either finishes and you forget to buy one before your next outing.

put your sweater in the freezer

7. Put your sweaters in the freezer overnight to stop them from  excess removal of wool which causes it to age faster.

baby powder for thick lashes.

8. Coat your lashes with baby powder berfore applying mascara for  fuller and more voluminous lashes.

Brown-sugar magic

9. Brown sugar isn’t meant for the kitchen only you can exfoliate your skin using liquid body wash and brown sugar.


10. And for those with acne ridden faces, you can apply pure honey as a facial mask  to heal those acne scars on your face  caused by the “aforementioned” , you can leave the mask overnight or remove within the hour.








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