By Evangeline Ovwighotu


The Aso-oke has been with the Yoruba culture of Nigeria for centuries, it is a stamp for knowing that ‘Yes they are Nigerians’, and mostly worn for and to special events i.e churches, weddings, engagements, owambe, naming ceremonies, thanksgiving celebrations etc

It is also expressly used during traditional weddings and engagements it’s deemed customary for the engaged couple to adorn the same aso-oke material, in a celebration of the undying culture and the couple getting married. This is when both old and young dress flamboyantly in their aso-oke and try to out do one another.

And so in the spirit of all things made trending again and those that never when out of style I bring to you the Aso-oke trend that can never die. Enjoy!!!





dark-blue-champagne aso-oke


A happy couple dressed in aso-oke


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