By Evangeline Ovwighotu


benefits of shea butter


Shea butter is a magic ointment every household should have, whether in your first aid kit, kitchen or your makeup box. It’s usefulness is so vast and amazing that no one has had anything bad to say about the ‘magic’ butter.

Shea butter

Shea butter has come a long way in the history of  man that even our fore fathers as ancient as they where knew the usefulness of this particular wonder ointment, that it is used as a moisturizer for both the skin and our hair , and can be used to reduce inflammation i.e when insects sting, and also used for acne, skin wounds, dry skin, stetch marks, stop itching , as a shaving cream hack (that is it can be used instead of a shaving cream for shaving your legs),  it also can be used as the perfect lip balm and for so much more .

Shea nuts

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