Popular radio presenter and actress, Omotunde Omotola Adebowale popularly known as Lolo1 is arguably one of Nigeria’s most talented on air personalities. Her popularity has also soared since she started featuring in popular TV series, Jenifa’s Diary.

A law graduate from Lagos State University, she changed her profession to broadcasting after practising for just three years and she has never looked back since then.  In a recent interview with ERAVE, she said she has always loved entertainment and knew legal practice wasn’t going to do it for her. “When I wrote my project, I wrote on ‘The rights of a performer’ because that’s something that resonated with me. When I practised after 3 years, I just knew I wanted to do entertainment. So I started to look for jobs in that area. I did training with Federal Radio Corporation and I got my first radio job from Radio Nigeria. I stayed them for a few years before I joined Wazobia FM”.

The gifted OAP is currently preparing for the fifth edition of her show, Oga Madam and she is quite excited about it. “The 5th edition of my show is happening today the 6th of November at Muson Centre and it will parade every A list comedian. Comedy is a family, so we all support each other. There will also be music and drama. It’s like taking my radio show on stage, a lot of people love Oga Madam on radio and I just thought to myself, why don’t we take it on stage? So I started 5 years ago”.

In her career, she says she has come to see all challenges as part of life. “Sometimes, I’m exhausted, sometimes I wish I could photocopy myself, sometimes I wish I could give more time to some things but when I see leadership of people that are in prominent roles, it’s a lonely journey. That means if you want to achieve great things, you must stay focused, you shouldn’t allow the challenges beat you down.,Challenges are supposed to squeeze you out and bring out the better you, because if you continue doing things the same way that people do it, then there’s no difference. So I see challenges as a part of life. I have never seen anyone person that does not deal with one challenge or the other, it all depends on your disposition to it. I see challenges as something that will come and go but what you do in the midst of the challenge is what matters and me I always try to stay focused, stay joyful and stay believing”.

She also commented about her role, Adaku in the Jenifa Series. “Adaku was created by Funke Akindele. She’s just a regular Igbo girl in Lagos, trying to hustle to get on. Of course, she’s not rich but she’s a hard worker, she loves food and I think the fact that she loves food is because there are lot of things in her life that is not as right as she wants it to be. Food is her comfort, she can be depressed and so she eats to just forget what she’s going through and she’s friends with Jenifa, even though she has a selfish side”.

On managing life as an OAP, an actress, a comedienne and a Mother, she said it’s just about setting priorities. “If you love what you do, you’ll make space for everything. I believe that we women took the mother side of God and the mother side of God is a multi-tasking side that means women are naturally built to do many things. We’re mothers, we’re sisters, we’re friends, to some we’re career women. So because I love what I do, I set priorities and I make sure that nothing suffers for the other. My children are very inclusive in life and they know everything I’m doing and we find a way to make it work. It’s just about priorities and if you set it very well, you’ll be able to achieve a lot of things”.

Lolo says she has different roles model because she is into different things. “I love music, I love drama. For drama, I’ll say Joke Silva, Resilient; I’ll say Nse-Ekpe Etim. Above all, I love Funke Akindele, I love the fact that she’s very hard and soft at the same time. Those are my role models when it comes to TV, Drama. For Comedy, I’ll say Alibaba, he’s the one that mentors all of us, He’s our father and of course- Yaw, that’s my boss. He always pushes me in the right direction”.

She said she will never quit entertainment. “I don’t think I can quit entertainment, even though I’m not doing mainstream, I will still be found within the industry, that one is a sure banker. I know this is what I’m called to do. Where am I going? Do I want to start selling pepper?”

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