By Evangeline Ovwighotu


How to wear false lashes can be a bit confusing, especially if you’re new to the game. False lashes are one of the big makeup trends this season, if recent runway looks are anything to go by. It’s important then that you know how to wear false lashes and look after them.

The fellas love luscious lips! And ladies love luring lashes! Lashes are one trend which originally served in an effort to add dramatic flair to Hollywood actresses, but have now managed to make its way and attract teens, moms and working women who just want a little extra something. Lash application is a perfect way to save time in the morning routine and look phenomenal for every photo op.

They’re sexy, flirty, available everywhere and in every price point, and (after some practice) easy to apply. Fake eyelashes can instantly change your look, no offense to mascara, but fake eyelashes are like the cosmetic’s more mature older sister.

Instead of slavishly applying coat after coat of black ink to the tops and bottoms of lashes, and often smudging it on our eyelids or losing an eyelash or three while trying to remove it before bed, fake eyelashes are a no-fail way to instantly get the kind of pretty, perfectly separated and thick lashes of our dreams.

While mascara can only darken and lengthen the eyelashes you have, false eyelashes can multiply the eyelashes that you have, and they can help strengthen your real eyelashes.

Mascara weakens your eyelashes and makes them brittle thus, by wearing false eyelashes as an alternative to mascara your eyelashes will start to look thicker and healthier.





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