By Evangeline Ovwighotu

daenery the mother of dragons

HBO has tried all they could to keep Game of Thrones under wraps for a while since the massive leaks of Season 5 happened but unfortunately again, there is another huge leak nd this time it is season 7.

The entire plot for season 7 was leaked by a Reddit user whose account  was then mysteriously deleted afterwards.


When unaired episodes of season 5 was leaked, the network was busy blowing hot and cold about the leaks, though they released a statement that they would take extensive security measures to ensure that it never happens again but atlas it did, but surprisingly HBO is yet to release any statement about the leaked plot for season 7.

white walker

And if the leaks are actually true, then it seem that the white walkers are going to control one of Daenery’s dragons, while Arya is going to kill littlefinger, Jon snow is is recognized as a Targaryen, the wall is coming down, Cersei gets pregnant and so much more.

cersei lannister

So people, although we can’t rule out the suspicion that HBO is leaking out the season to throw us off track completely, but there is a chance that the leaks are legit.

Jon Snow leads a team up north to capture a wight to prove that they are real

Jon Snow

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