By Evangeline Ovwighotu

Celebs who were for Clinton

Celebrities turned mournful as Presidential hopeful, Hilary Clinton lost the presidential election race to Donald Trump. They took to instagram and twitter to mourn their losses. Arianna Grande  tweeted that not only was she scared, she was in tears .

Lady gaga called for prayers for America as many other celebrities shared their disgust and dismay as results reveal that Donald trump is the new president of America. Lady Gaga later went to protest at the trump tower as she carried a placard that said “Love Trumps Hate”.

Katy Perry wrote on twitter in the early hours of the morning; “Do not sit still. Do not weep. MOVE.We are not a nation that will let HATE lead us”.

The shocking turn in Donald trump winning the election has  left a sour taste in the mouth of many, although hilariously people call out celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Samuel L Jackson who threatened to leave America if Donald Trump won. NigerianS were not also left out as they poked fun at Wole Soyinka who threatened to tear his green card if Trump won the election. Well, we’restill waiting for that to happen.

It is so sad that Clinton despite the fact that 70% of Hollywood’s celebrity were solidly behind her still lost the election billionaire Donald trump.

Cher campaigned for hillary clinton


Katy Perry


Arianna Grande

Lady Gaga protsting Trump’s win


“what_is_happening”Eva Longoria captioned unhappy_selfie_


Trump and Clinton


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