By Evangeline Ovwighotu

Melania Trump’s Pussy bow shirt

Now that Donald Trump is the new president of  the united States of America, we have a lot to expect from the newest first lady, Melania Trump as she has very big shoes to fill with the style and grace of soon to be ex-flotus, Michelle Obama whose every outfit was a “hit back to back” .

Athough Trump has not been sworn in yet, she already has some major scandals to her name that I don’t think any first lady in the American history has ever had. For example, her nudes pictures on the front cover of a magazine, to the Pussy bow saga.

Pussybow blouse

We have seen some style goals from her during the debates and the rallies , but today we want to explore the pussy bow style goals that Melania has given us, although the name can connote sexist and sexual images to your mind, unlike the images your “run away mind” is painting for you- it is nothing like that, in fact it is quite the opposite of that.  The major reason  that it is called the pussy bow is simply because the bow looks like a tie used around a kitten’s and cat’s neck.

pussy bow-blouse

Model wearing a pussybow blouse


Model wearing a Pussybow dress


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