By Evangeline Ovwighotu

Allison Williams

Ballet flats  are basically flat shoes  with no heel at all, however little it is, although the one that comes to most people’s mind whenever they hear the word Ballet in a sentence , they think about ballet dancing, but ballets flats however do not look anything like the shoes used for dancing ballet.

Ballet flats have been around for a while, but for a very long time have not really been expressed as trend/fashion statement, but rather it was known as what women wore to work before changing to their heels at work.



Alexa Chung Loeffler and Randall Natalie wearing ballet flats

They are very easy and comfy to wear to work, casually, dates, parties and the likes, because believe it or not heels are going out of fashion and necessity is taking over as more women are dropping the very stressful habit of wearing heels to work, but instead prefer the instant comfort of flats. Now that it now an official fashion statement, I give to you the ballet flats/shoes.

Olivia Palermo


Comfy ballet flats

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