Olu Maintain has joined the list of artistes who are not ready to walk down the aisle and would rather have baby mamas.

In a new interview with HipTV, the singer expounded on why many celebrity marriages crash. “A lot of people that get married these days, get married for the wrong reasons. Everybody is ready for the wedding, nobody is ready for the commitment. Marriage is a decision that you have to live with the consequences for the rest of your life.”

The singer continued, saying that for every 10 persons that get hitched, 9 do it for the glamour and glitz. And since it is the age of social media, many are desperate for the social media attention by creating hashtags and having society weddings.

However, Olu Maintain may still consider the idea later in life – “Not to say that’s my excuse for not wanting to get married, but I know enough to know that: to balance your marriage and a successful music career is like balancing the economy of Nigeria… we all know how good it is going with the present dispensation. I will rather focus on one”, he added

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